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[gopher] Re: Mozilla bugs about Gopher, and a dangerous one

In my surfing I have noticed that not all Gopher Server Administrators are mapping all Item Types in their servers.  Every file extension on their server should be EXPLICITLY mapped to an Item Type.  Below are the standard Item Types understood by most Gopher Clients:
  0 Plain text file
1 Directory
2 Search CSO server (i.e. a qi/ph index)
4 BinHex-format file  (i.e. a *.HQX file)
5 Binary archive file (i.e. a *.ZIP file)
6 UUencoded-format file 
7 Search server (i.e. a WAIS index)
8 Telnet as any kind of terminal other than TN3270
9 Binary file (i.e. a *.EXE file)
g GIF-format image file
h HTML file
I Any kind of image file other than GIF (i.e. a *.JPG file)
i Informational text that is displayed (as if it was a normal file
               name), but does not NECESSARILY link to any actual file.
s Any kind of sound file (i.e. a *.WAV file)
T Telnet as a TN3270 terminal
  A concientious administrator should also include a listing of what they have mapped on their server.  For example, in the "Contact.txt" file ( gopher://home.jumpjet.info/00\Contact.txt ), JumpJet lists the following:
  JumpJet is using the following specified "Type" extension mappings:
 Type 0 = DOC, RTF, TXT (also none or un-specified extensions)
 Type 4 = HQX, SEA
 Type 5 = ARC, GZ, LHA, LZH, RAR, TAR, TGZ, Z, ZIP
 Type 6 = UUE
 Type 7 = SRC
 Type 9 = COM, DLL, EXE, MOV, PDF
 Type g = GIF
 Type h = HTM, HTML
 Type I = BMP, JPG
 Type s = AU, MP3, WAV
Two special "Type" extensions are also being maped:
 Type 1 = "directory"
 Type i = "information"

Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com> wrote:
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=284558
> (GOPHER protocol support needs improvement (Save as "binary"))
> Should this bug be reopened? I tried with .zip files at JumpJet, but I'm 
> not sure I did exactly what the bug report explains.

It's for sites that mistakenly offer itemtype 0 for what really should be
itemtype 9, just like someone offering a .zip file with MIME text/plain. I
think this should be fixed on the server and not the client.

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