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[gopher] Re: Mozilla bugs about Gopher, and a dangerous one

Well, yes, I see your point and perhaps I am only thinking of "me"
being somewhat selfish and prefering to have external handlers, I dont like the kitchen sink approach but do understand that it's not for everyone.
I am getting frustrated though, this has been like this too long with moz, first they will fix it then not on and on...
I just don't use it anymore.

n Wed, 11 Apr 2007 09:06:49 -0700 (PDT)
Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com> wrote:

> > As for having the search engines stick to port 70.
> > First I disagree, thats not a gopher problem its a moz problem .
> I agree with this also. :2347 was always the standard Veronica port. In fact,
> it's non-standard of *me* to run V-2 on the regular port and I've even been
> mulling over putting a mirror onto port 2347.
> > And that brings me back to... why? because Moz/Firefox is broken?
> > I understand you feel most people will be using Firefox. I also feel it
> > should be fixed, or drop gopher from it's core and have the option to open
> > lynx when a gopher:// address is used. Such as gopher has an option for a
> > web page. below is what shows up when going to an html page from gopher:
> I think this was reasonable only in that specific situation, however. The
> gopher clients were never intended as multi-protocol systems, and it made
> good sense to spawn external handlers.
> However, this is no longer the case as most web browsers handle the kitchen
> sink (as in "everything but the"). You still have browsers minimally handling
> FTP as a secondary protocol, for example, and people now expect a unified
> Swiss-Army knife solution. There are also lots of Windows users who don't
> have a secondary client.
> Besides, the argument that it's broken and should be fixed or removed,
> frankly, applies just as well to HTML. Mozilla-core is less broken than
> Internet Explorer, but it still has its deficiencies :)
> If we lose Mozilla-core support for gopher, this will be a serious blow to
> the community. I certainly intend to maintain the HTTP<->Gopher proxy, which
> is very popular, but it robs casual users of an easy path to browse Gopher if
> support were eroded further by forcing them to do more to get it.
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