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[gopher] Jugtail formerly Jughead

Hi all, 
I hope everyone had a great Easter.
First I saw in the archives of emails at quux that what I am announcing already was by Benn Newman some time ago. I never saw it neither did a few others so, I'll mention it again.
(thanks Benn btw)

I would like to announce Jugtail, some of you have no doubt noticed it on:

It is the GPL'd release of Jughead (name changed for existing trademark issues).
Personally I, for many reasons, am quite happy to see this. Back in 04 when I was trying to use Jughead to do things it wasn't really designed to do I found Mr Jone's new email address. In addition to asking a few questions and sending him back his original email questionnaire from Jughead I mentioned maybe porting to FreeBSD and perhaps even GPL.
He was suprised to find people still used gopher and surely didn't expect to get his questionnaire back so many years later :)
It was a short time after that I had the pleasure of emailing back and forth a bit with RMS and metioned to him that I thought it would be neat if Jughead was a part of the group of GPL'd software.
Historically important, made back when gopher was "it" and further under the license of The University of Utah, which isnt a free software but came close, involving Archie Comics as well, a large corporate entity.
After all if one considered Archie, Jughead and Veronica, the search engine equivalents of the first stone wheels, then we ought to set a few next to a new Hoosier race tire yes? :)
To my suprise Mr Stallman ask for Jonzys email address and just like that emailed him (I was delighted to be cc'd). How neat, for here was two people I really do consider hero's of mine discussing things like emacs and gcc and jughead and all :)
As it was, it took a long time and alot of work, waiting and effort by people working behind the scenes, all of us unaware (myself included as my only involvment was to occasionally pester and ask if it was "done yet?"). And now its preserved and free and now no matter what for ever salvaged from being lost. I think thats just great!

Thanks Jonzy!
Thanks Mr Stallman!

Veronica is next?
Perhaps we could in addition to saving such software as this, move to get it under the GPL. This way it would be further saved, I am refering to all the wonderful old software we collect.

Happy Gophering!

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