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[gopher] Re: ascii art

Unlike the Unix based servers, the Windows GopherS server does NOT recognize "wildcards".  This is actually a strong security feature built into GopherS.  
  If you were to type the URL with just the IP address or DNS name as follows:
  you would get back the contents of the top level directory.  This is because the server translates the above request in the following order:
  1) hostname [which is "home.jumpjet.info"}
  2) port [which, because not specifically stated otherwise, is assumed to be "70"]
  3) type [which, because not specifically stated otherwise, is assumed to be "1"]
  4) path [which, because not specifically stated otherwise, is not included]
            (note: GopherS does NOT support Gopher+ extensions, so this ends the translation)
  Gopher starts at the top level directory when it begins following its path.  Since no "paths" were specified above saying you wanted to look deeper, GopherS simply displays the top level (a.k.a. "/") directory.  
  You could also intentionally go to the top level directory by typing the specific path as follows:
  If you wanted to see a deeper directory, you would now HAVE to speicify the "type" (a.k.a. "1" for directory listing), because the server makes no assumptions that you are looking for a directory rather than a text file or other data "type".  It WILL assume port 70 however, so you don't have to specify the port if the server is operating on port 70 (just like the web servers always assume port 80 unless specifically instructed otherwise).  For example:   
  GopherS knows in the above that you mean the top level of the "Begin_Here" sub-directory, so you do not have to specify the trailing "/".  You can however specifically specify it if you wish, so the following will also produce the same directory listing as above:
  Typing a wrong path will produce an error (and your client/browser will either present you with an error, or simply enter an "endless loop").  An example of two incorrect paths that were recently entered (probably by Trevor's new client???) were:
  As GopherS does not recognize wildcards, the wildcard "." (a.k.a. the entry "gopher://home.jumpjet.info/.";, with a trailing period in the path as the server sees it) would not work.  As there was no file named "+" either (possibly an attempted Gopher+ command), the server also returned an error when it was tried (a.k.a. the entry gopher://home.jumpjet.info/+).  
  Earlier, there was an issue where someone using the UMN Gopher Client (being Unix based) was also having trouble accessing JumpJet.  Here they were using the two different wildcard paths of:
  Naturally, neither of these will work for the same reason as listed above.  Interestingly, the Bucktooth Gopher Server (which is what Floodgap uses) accepts some wildcard symbols (such as the "#" symbol) and will, for example, return the root directory contents if you type:
  Eric Newberry <ericnewberry@mirametrics.com> wrote:
  I use Internet Explorer 6. I don't have any problems with your site.
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Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 4:05 AM
Subject: [gopher] Re: ascii art

> In my logs I am seeing an IP address that is sending invalid (truncated) 
> server requests. It may be you??? As my server makes NO "assumptions", 
> but attempts to send back EXACTLY what is requested, I would not be at all 
> surprised if you were getting nothing back. Test to see if you are 
> getting the same results with some other Client/Browser such as a gopher 
> enabled I.E. ver 6.
> Send me details such as your IP address and the commands your client is 
> attempting to intiate to jumpjet@yahoo.com, and I will work with you to 
> try and resolve the issue.
> Trevor wrote:
> what version of gopher are you running? i'm building a win32 client in vs
> .net 2003, and i have no problem with floodgap. i hit your gopher, and go
> into an infinite loop. suggestions?
> i even tried the gopher plus extensibility. the only thing i can assume is
> it's a nonstandard gopher server of some kind.
> let me know....
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> Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 6:00 PM
> Subject: [gopher] Re: ascii art
>> Good to see that you are still providing support for Amiga users on
>> Gopher. Your Amiga Resources are even a featured link from Gopher Jewels
>> 2 -
>> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11\Gopher_Jewels_2\Computing\Software
>> It would be great to have your REXX scripts converted to Regina Rexx.
>> Could you also put a copy of Regina on your gopher site for Amiga users 
>> to
>> download? JumpJet has copies of Regina Rexx for DOS, Windows, and BeOS on
>> its gopher site if anyone is interested -
>> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11\DOS_Lives\Disk_Operating_System\Regina%20Rexx%20Batch%20File%20Interpretor
>> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11\Win2k_Hosting\Enhancements\Accessories\Windows%20Regina%20Rexx%20Batch%20File%20Interpretor
>> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11\Treasure\BeOS_Pro_Edition_5\BeOS%20Regina%20Rexx%20Batch%20File%20Interpretor
>> Best wishes to you and your server,
>> JumpJet
>> Jacob Dahl Pind wrote:
>> Hi seeing all the ascii art posting here, I felled like sharing a older
>> tool I made to handle old overstrike art from 60ish with you all.
>> its a small arexx script, should converte it to run under regina rexx
>> instead, as I sadly doesnt use my amiga much anymore.
>> It takes a overstrike art file, strips it into individual layers, in
>> seperate file, that you can either run though netpbm to transform into
>> pixel maps to place on top of eachother in photoshop/gimp, or print them
>> on your normal printer by run the same sheet through it multiple times
>> with new layers each time.
>> you can find it at my gopher://telefisk.org
>> Hope someone findes it interessting
>> regards Jacob Dahl Pind
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