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[gopher] Re: ascii art

In my logs I am seeing an IP address that is sending invalid (truncated) server requests.  It may be you???  As my server makes NO "assumptions", but attempts to send back EXACTLY what is requested, I would not be at all surprised if you were getting nothing back.  Test to see if you are getting the same results with some other Client/Browser such as a gopher enabled I.E. ver 6.  
  Send me details such as your IP address and the commands your client is attempting to intiate to jumpjet@yahoo.com, and I will work with you to try and resolve the issue.  
Trevor <greendragon@stny.rr.com> wrote:
  what version of gopher are you running? i'm building a win32 client in vs 
.net 2003, and i have no problem with floodgap. i hit your gopher, and go 
into an infinite loop. suggestions?

i even tried the gopher plus extensibility. the only thing i can assume is 
it's a nonstandard gopher server of some kind.

let me know....

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Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 6:00 PM
Subject: [gopher] Re: ascii art

> Good to see that you are still providing support for Amiga users on 
> Gopher. Your Amiga Resources are even a featured link from Gopher Jewels 
> 2 -
> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11\Gopher_Jewels_2\Computing\Software
> It would be great to have your REXX scripts converted to Regina Rexx. 
> Could you also put a copy of Regina on your gopher site for Amiga users to 
> download? JumpJet has copies of Regina Rexx for DOS, Windows, and BeOS on 
> its gopher site if anyone is interested -
> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11\DOS_Lives\Disk_Operating_System\Regina%20Rexx%20Batch%20File%20Interpretor
> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11\Win2k_Hosting\Enhancements\Accessories\Windows%20Regina%20Rexx%20Batch%20File%20Interpretor
> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11\Treasure\BeOS_Pro_Edition_5\BeOS%20Regina%20Rexx%20Batch%20File%20Interpretor
> Best wishes to you and your server,
> JumpJet
> Jacob Dahl Pind wrote:
> Hi seeing all the ascii art posting here, I felled like sharing a older
> tool I made to handle old overstrike art from 60ish with you all.
> its a small arexx script, should converte it to run under regina rexx
> instead, as I sadly doesnt use my amiga much anymore.
> It takes a overstrike art file, strips it into individual layers, in
> seperate file, that you can either run though netpbm to transform into
> pixel maps to place on top of eachother in photoshop/gimp, or print them
> on your normal printer by run the same sheet through it multiple times
> with new layers each time.
> you can find it at my gopher://telefisk.org
> Hope someone findes it interessting
> regards Jacob Dahl Pind
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