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[gopher] Students using Gopher

Can you give us details?  
  What Server Software are you using, and why did you choose it?  Did you begin with the computer hardware or operating system, or did you first decide on the Server software?  Did you experiment with more than one Server software option before finalizing on your choice?  What kind of "Type Mapping" is the Server using:
  When selecting you Server software were you aware of the Server/Client software download Gopher site:
  Do you place standards on the Servers "look and feel": 
  What sort of Client software is being used?  Are your students mostly using a dedicated Gopher Client, or are they just using a Web Browser?  Why did they choose the Client?  
  JumpJet is EXTREMELY interested in gathering reviews from anyone on various Gopher Servers and Clients; such as how well they work or don't work, what features are good or bad, any special considerations for setup, etc.  Please send feedback to:
mdbird@lineone.net wrote:
  I got my students to set up a gopher server on my college intranet
but the little devils use it as an underground / alternative website that=
I have to cull from time to time.


Mike Bird 
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