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[gopher] New Server Software

Hope everyone has had a good 2006.  
  JumpJet has again added another Gopher Server to its vast collection...GS.  GS is a DOS WATTCP Server that can handle up to 8 simultanious Clients.  GS can be found in the "Begin_Here" selector (as usual, see the Changes.txt file for details  gopher://home.jumpjet.info/00\Changes.txt ).  
  Note:  I am still seeking the GopherVR Client for Unix based systems (I already have available for download on JumpJet the Macintosh version).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  As a review, GopherVR was once available in the following UNIX flavors:
  DEC Alpha
  SGI Irix
  Sun Solaris (i386)
  Sun Solaris (sparc)
  Sun SunOS
  Happy New Year,
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