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[gopher] Re: GopherVR

GopherVR was once available in the following UNIX flavors:
  DEC Alpha
  SGI Irix
  Sun Solaris (i386)
  Sun Solaris (sparc)
  Sun SunOS
A public announcement was also made about an upcoming release for the i386 Windows OS (version ?), but this software may have just been "vaporware".  
Benn Newman <newmanbe@sdf.lonestar.org> wrote:
    On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 10:16:10PM -0700, JumpJet Mailbox wrote:
> Greetings:
> gopher://home.jumpjet.info contains the worlds most complete collection of dedicated Gopher Server and Client software for public download (read the About.txt file). Unfortunately, it lacks a copy of ANY of the GopherVR software packages for any flavor of UNIX. 
> These software packages were originally stored on the UMN Boombox FTP server, but (probably due to a defective backup and restore), virtually ALL Gopher software on this server over 96k in length has become corrupted! Worse, every known mirror of Boombox has replaced their contents with these corrupted versions! 
> At this time, I cannot locate any uncorrupted copies of UNIX GopherVR software anywhere on either a HTTP or FTP source. If someone has a copy of this software, I would be extremely interested in aquiring it for posting on JumpJet. 
> Thanks
> ---------------------------------
  At one point, (somewhere on this mailing list) Paul Lindler said he relased the source. But UNIX? Totally Plan 9. :)

  Benn Newman | newmanbe@sdf.lonestar.org | gopher://igneous-rock.homeunix.net

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