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[gopher] Re: DARN! CAMERON!!

On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 09:48:21AM +0200, Alessandro Selli wrote:
> Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> >>    Something you forgot to fix:
> >
> > Gah! I thought I checked that in! Try the version available now.
>    I will this evening.
> Sorry for replying so late, but yesterday evening I was too busy
> rolling back my 10baseT lan into a 10base2 network  :-)
> I could not stand any longer the sight of so many unused coaxial cables,
> BNC-T-connectors and 10base2-to-10baseT hubs and repeaters!
> A *real* Gopher server *must* run on a 10base2 network!

Pfft!  What about thickwire? ;-)

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