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[gopher] Bookmark lists

I have been working on updating TurboGopher, a Macintosh Gopherclietn.

1Information About Gopher	1/Information About Gopher	gopher.tc.umn.edu	70	+
1Gopher-Jewels	1/Other_Gophers_and_Information_Resources/Gopher-Jewels	cwis.usc.edu	70	+
1TurboGopher Distribution	1/gopher/Macintosh-TurboGopher	boombox.micro.umn.edu	70
1POPmail for Macintosh	1/POPmail/macintosh	boombox.micro.umn.edu	70
1Macintosh Archives at U Michigan	1/mac	gopher.archive.merit.edu	7055
1PDF Examples	1/gplustest/PDF	mudhoney.micro.umn.edu	70	+
1National Weather Service Satellite Images	1/Images	wx.atmos.uiuc.edu	70

Benn Newman
newmanbe@sdf.lonestar.org | gopher://igneous-rock.homeunix.net

Bradley's Bromide:                                                              
        If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a              
committee -- that will do them in.

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