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[gopher] Illegal or simply strange characters in gophermap

  I recently developed a script to automate the conversion and copying
of files from an IMAPD server's directory where I store Usenet messages
and a tree of directories where these files are fetched to be served by
the Gopher server.  The output filenames are the same as the Subject:
line in the Usenet messages, plus a numerical index if more like
Subject: lines are present.  The script also generates or updates the
gophermap file in each directory.
  Well, I found out I cannot access files whose name contains a
question mark, if i try I get this error message (bucktooth-0.1pr6):

0'/Utenti/Alessandro/Usenet/it.comp.os.linux.sys/Re: Server Alpha,
distro ' doesn't exist!		error.host	1

  The filename is: "Re: Server Alpha, distro ?" and the corresponding
gophermap line is:

0Re: Server Alpha, distro ?     Re: Server Alpha, distro ?

This is a nuisance considering the many subject: lines that are
encoded in RFC-1522 MIME format, such as:


  Is this the right way a Gopher server is supposed to handle such

  I'm considering editing the script to convert all question marks
into something else; are there any more characters that I should
catch before creating the files and updating the gophermap?

Alessandro Selli
Tel: 340.839.73.05

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