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[gopher] Gopher bot status

Just thought you all would be interested to know:

The gopher bot has cached 32,215 selectors, representing 6.5GB of

480431 selectors have been identified so far.  Of those, 252033 remain
scheduled for visiting, and most of those are across about 20 large

I'll keep you updated.

The next question is: what to do with this resource when it's ready?

I can obviously post it on quux.org somewhere, but I would like for
other people to have copies too.  Single points of failure are bad in
a community this size.  And, of course, its utility isn't *now*, when
all the material is accessible, but down the road.

I'm thinking of making a torrent of a tar.bz2, or perhaps even mail
out some DVD+Rs.

John Goerzen
Author, Foundations of Python Network Programming

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