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[gopher] Gopher-portal for WAP

Hi all,

I've created a WAP-service for browsing gopherspace with a mobile phone with
The location is: http://kabel218067.mobiel.utwente.nl/gopher/index.php
You can enter any gophersite (host & port) and it should automatically
display the gopherpage you requested. Currently only directories and
textfiles are supported (and the info-tag (i)).
Be aware that gophersites contain most of the time quite some text which is
not always useful if you can receive limited data.

I've also created a small gophersite for testing purposes, with almost no
text: gopher://kabel218067.mobiel.utwente.nl:7777
Make sure you use the correct portnumber, because there's also a
gopherserver running on port 70 which contains more text than this

Please submit bugs, requests and suggestions, so I can improve the service.


Ruliz Galaxor


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