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[gopher] Re: embarrassing newbie question

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 02:46:17PM -0400, Stephanie Smith wrote:

> So when I try to add a link to a gopher site (next on my list of things to
> do), I would use that sort of entry instead of the URL: you mention
> below.... (correct me if I'm wrong)

Yes, the URL: is only for non-gopher sites.  The gopher protocol can link to
other gopher sites without this extension.

> Interesting you should mention that. I was just considering switching,
> given that there seems to be more explicit PyGopherd reference material
> about than for UMN gopherd.

You'll probably be able to find information about UMN gopherd out in
groups.google.com -- but not so much on websites.  You can read a bit about
the history of UMN gopherd, and the 3.x FurryTerror releases, at

As it stands now, I have been devoting most of my gopher-server-writing time
to PyGopherd.  I feel that the advent of languages like Python can be
exploited to write a more secure and featureful server in less time.  It's
also going to be possible in the future to share some code between it and
OfflineIMAP [1], I beliveve.  I am more comfortable with the security of
PyGopherd right now than I am with that of UMN gopherd, and there is very
little that UMN gopherd supports that PyGopherd doesn't.

[1] gopher://quux.org/1/devel/offlineimap

-- John

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