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[gopher] Re: Uploading

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On Wednesday 09 October 2002 07:23, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > Are there any current standards for uploading via Gopher?  I'm working on
> > a new Gopher server and I'd like to have a nice, easy Perl command line
> > program for uploading new content, but many of the protocols used just
> > aren't good enough.  FTP opens a big security risk, TFTP is too
> > primitive, and SCP's Perl module doesn't support password authentication.
> >  Gopher upload would make everything integrate nicely.
> I don't think any clients support it, but theoretically, you could do this
> using ASK protocol over Gopher+. The thing is, you would need to roll your
> own app, but that shouldn't be very difficult.

Ahh, I forgot about ASK.  Yes, ASK would work perfectly with SRP 
authentication (RFC 2945).  Which I find greatly ironic--not long ago, I was 
trying to implement SRP over HTTP and kept hitting the wall of trying to keep 
stateful information.  ASK should nicely circumvent that problem.

Thanks for reminding me :)

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