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[gopher] New Release of Gopher Client


a new version of my gopher client for Linux is available, it's version
is 1.0.9c - I would call this a major step forward.  It's available on

What's new?

   While I was thinking about making gopherc more useable I recognized that
I had forgotten something important, support for external viewers. So I
started adding extension based (not MIME based) external viewer and external
support, see "Viewer/Opener and Pager Support" in the "Client Features"

gopherc let's you now

      - define an external program to view so called binary files, e.g.
	use `antiword' to view doc files.

      - view HTML files by your favourite web browser (HTML support will
	be removed from gopherc).

Furthermore gopherc supports running in console mode and inside an X session.
While gopherc is still console based it supports a separate viewer/opener/pager
configuration for X.  That is you can browse HTML files with lynx/w3m/links
in the console and with Netsace/Opera/KDE inside X.

Version 1.0.9c is a quick release.  The next release will have the HTML support
because it's not longer needed and perhaps other things added.


Wolfgang Zekoll

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