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[gopher] V2 new database online and new search system

Veronica-2's new engine and database (7.2 million selectors) is now online.
The database is about two months old, so it's not current with the new
little servers around here, but it will be soon.

The engine is no longer WAIS, but an in-house search system called Textil-FS
which implements phonetic matching, faster response times and better query
interpretation. The results limit has now been increased from 140 to 500.
There is also a more efficient adaptive cache to speed up common queries,
and VISHNU has also been retrofitted to use the system.

Btw, If anyone out there is still using the old selector at gopher.ptloma.edu,
please update it to


or host gopher.floodgap.com port 70 itemtype 1 selector /v2/

Please furnish your comments.

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