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[gopher] Re: Creating new Gopherholes?

There is also the bucktooth server, which I recently extended.  It is written in
perl and so should work in windows, but currently you would need a port of inetd.  I
can fix things up so that it does not require this, if anyone is interested.  Does
anyone here know how to work with windows services, or would putting it in autoexec

The format for setting up a gopherhole (first time I heard this word) is different
here.  You can see it at the example on my gopher at (gopher:// or http://)
Basically to put in a line of text, just put in a line of text (without any tabs).
To put in a link to a file, start with its item character (or a space for the server
to figure it out, if you don't know this) followed directly by the title, a tab, the
For a link to a file on another gopher, do it just like the last one, then put in
tab server tab port.

You can see it best just by looking at the gophermap file on my example gopher.

That's the basics.  Later you can also put in searches, forms, multiple file types
and languages for a single link . . .

    Ralph Furmaniak

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