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[gopher] (no subject)


I'm new to the list, in part because I've taken interest in
the gopher project, and in part because I've had some errors
installing.  I'm hoping one of you can possibly answer my
question...First I'll give some details about the system I'm
installing on: FreeBSD 4.2, running the latest glibc.
Here's the error I'm having, after configuring and starting to

`all' not remade because of errors.
(cd gopherd; make  )
gcc -g -02 -Wall -DDATA_DIRECTORY=\"/gopher-data\"  
-DDOMAIN_NAME=\"no.domain.name\" -DGOPHER_PORT=70  
-DGDCDIR=\"/usr/local/sbin\"   -DCAPFILES -I.. -I.. -I../object -c error.c
In file included from ../object/STRstring.h:62,
		from gopherdconf.h:114,
		from serverutil.h:77,
		from error.c:78:
/usr/include/malloc.h:2: warning: #warning "this file includes <malloc.h> 
which is deprecated, use <stdlib.h> instead"
error.c:271: conflicting error types for `sys_errlist'
/usr/include/stdio.h:225: previous declaration of `sys_errlist'
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/home/toast/gopher/gopherd.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/home/toast/gopher.

Any help, comments, or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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