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[gopher] Re: Getting file info from an URI??

On 15 Jun 2001 07:37:50 -0700, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> Well, this isn't *really* true. The first character is always the item type.

Well, that may be common current practice, but that's not quite required
behaviour from either the Gopher or the Gopher+-standards, is it?

If so, determining the file type by looking at the first character may
now work in 99% of the cases, until someone develops a "new, improved"
Gopher server which uses different selectors that gets popular, after
which maybe only in 70% of the cases this will work.

> True; a Mac HFS gopher server, of which there are some, uses ":".

Makes me wonder: how do webbrowsers translate these server's selector to
an URI? Does it leave in the ":" or replace it with a "/"? Just curious.


"The main problem is getting something that works without crashing the
NT/ 2000 client" -- Jeremy Allison, Samba development team

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