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[gopher] Re: Getting file info from an URI??

> I'm don't really know the details about the gopher:// URL structure,
> but my impression is that it basically contains the full request line
> passed to the gopher server, so it could be something like
> "gopher://1/fooF+Ftext/html"; to request the selector "1/foo" with
> Gopher+ as type text/html.  Getting the info is more complex than just
> appending "F!" to whatever comes after the //.

Perhaps use a URL-escaped %09 in there? Just guessing, never tried it.

> > Can one assume Gopher+ nowadays?
> No.  There are lots of servers that aren't, including important ones
> like floodgap.

Yeah, it will be awhile before I get off my butt and put G+ into

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