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[gopher] Re: Mailing list archives available

> > This reminds me. John, were you ever able to get Bucktooth working?
> I have it downloaded and untarred but have had very little time to do
> anything more!  I'd like to package it for Debian eventually but I
> have to figure out the implications of the license first.

The main issue is to keep it free. I don't mind if it's packaged with or for
Debian as long as it's not sold, particularly as an item in itself.

As far as packages go, as long as no files are added or removed from the
base distribution, it may still be called an original distribution. In fact,
if you do turn it into a Debian package, I'd be happy to stick it up on the
site. (Maybe I should make a smit package for it, too, since I run on AIX

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