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[gopher] Mozilla gopher bug

I just got pygopherd installed for the first time, and was playing 
around with it. Noticed that I was running into several problems, and 
discovered through some searching that my problem was that I was using 
Mozilla to try and browse Gopher sites. Turns out, Gopher is broken 
pretty bad in Mozilla right now. I could fall back to Netscape 4 or 
Lynx, but I'd rather see a more modern implementation (and once with a 
growing userbase) actually succeed, and it could use some help.

Bug 194220 (http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=194220) has 
been filed as a meta bug for all the current Gopher issues with 
Mozilla. This includes issues with the current 1.4 alpha release. The 
more people that can test out Gopher issues, or who just go and vote 
for this bug, the more exposure it can get and hopefully Mozilla can 
be a viable Gopher client again.

             James Milne

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