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Regarding ideas to replace gpgv with sqv

Today I received a private email suggesting some people want to replace
the use of gpgv in apt with sqv.

In the spirit of social contract's "We will not hide problems", I hereby
disclose my response to that idea and the issues with it:

I do not want to replace gpgv with sqv, but rather directly link to
sequioa from the C++ code. Because the whole external parsing business
is meh, and I also want to have further insight into which keys are in
which files to be able to display nice information about repositories
and which key files sign them and to be able to notify you if the
repository is signed by a different key file suddenly.

However, there are two issues at hand:

1) Rust is not widely available, it's only around half of the
   architectures apt needs to work on.

   It's missing support for alpha, hppa, hurd-i386, ia64, kfreebsd-i386,
   kfreebsd-amd64, m68k, ppc64, sh4, and x32.

2) I'm not convinced I'll be able to get it into Ubuntu, as I'm not sure
   the security team there would be interested in security supporting it.

   Currently, we only have Rust in Ubuntu to the extend needed to build


1) means that the gpgv code will need to stay around and these ports
   will use completely different verification code paths. I'm not sure I
   want to maintain 2 code paths.

2) is the major blocker. We will not have two separate code paths for
   stable Ubuntu and Debian releases.

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