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Bug#673294: [RFR] man://apt-doc/doc/po/de.po

reassign 673294 apt-doc
forcemerge 673294 673410
tag 673294 - patch

(strange, why hasn't the bts send me the mail for the other bugreport…)

Anyway, as i promised, it is Monday and while Michael is preparing the upload
of 0.9.4 I can already talk about the included changes for the (german)
manpage translation in it:
+ 22 new fuzzy
+ 6 untranslated
- >200 "translated" messages

Getable e.g. from (as the file is still only a few kilobytes away from
being 0.5 mb):

(The remove entry might look strange, but by telling po4a that not everything in
 these manpages is really something which can be translated - like commands
 or options - the amount of strings really dropped by more than 200 msgstr
 which in the best case were previously copy&paste from the msgid and in
 the worst case accidentally translated. For some things po4a should really
 have a saner default… - and i should have had a look earlier before assuming
 that the defaults are what i have expected… sorry)

It would be cool if you could have a look at these changes again before
i am annoying other translators with an update-round.

"In exchange" while reading through the manpages, i noticed some unfitting
translations in the apt.conf manpage which should be corrected:
- "Names for the configuration items are optional" != "Namen für die
  Konfigurationsdatei sind optional" (no file!)
- "allows an arbitrary configuration directive" != "die es einer beliebigen
  Installationsdirektiven erlaubt" (no installation!)
- "Archive specific settings can and should be used by appending the label of
  the archive to the option name" != "Archivspezifische Einstellungen können
  und sollten durch Anhängen des Archivetiketts an die Option »name«
  vorgenommen werden" (the option has a name, it has not the name 'name')
- "It is probably preferred to turn off the pkgcache rather than the
  srcpkgcache" != "Es ist vermutlich vorzuziehen, statt des »pkgcache«s den
  »srcpkgcache« auszuschalten" (the translation is the inverse)
- "As seen in the last default value these patterns can use regular expression
  syntax" != "Wie bei den letzten Vorgabwerten gesehen, kann die Syntax für
  reguläre Ausdrücke verwandt werden." (singluar vs. plural)

Last not least an easy one: translation-holder string should be updated to
reflect the years passed by in the meantime. (there properly is some cool
way to automate this a bit more, i just haven't found it yet.)

Thanks already & best regards

David Kalnischkies

P.S.: I will not argue about if half-sentences should start upper- or
lowercase, but the translation should be consistent in itself and currently
many (if not all) "old" strings are starting with an uppercase letter.

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