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Re: weekly-builds 14.11.2011: apt-cdrom add fails

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 12:02:57AM +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>What could be the reason?
>Looks like a bug in apt, as far as I can see - pkgTagFile::Resize()
>has a hard-coded internal maximum buffer size of 1MiB, and
>Translation-da.bz2 decompresses to 1134737 bytes. It's the first file
>in dists/wheezy/main/i18n that crosses that threshold, hence it's the
>one listed in the error message.
>Andrey, you *may* be able to work around this problem by specifying
>just the languages you want using Acquire::Languages in apt.conf. I've
>not been able to test that myself yet.
>Um, folks - I think this is likely to be a show-stopper for putting
>translated description files on CD/DVD. Help! :-/ As to why we've not
>seen this in the archive yet, I don't know...

After several days with no response at all from the apt maintainers
(:-/) I've just dug further and found the problem. Apt is hard-coded
internally to only support gzip compression for various files when
working with CDs. I'm filing a serious bug about this now as it's
going to cause hassle, and I'm also about to commit a debian-cd update
to use gzip compression for the Translation files instead.

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