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Bug#216768: apt mixes essential flag from all sources

On 2011-10-16 21:15:15 -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> tags 216768 = wontfix
> quit
> Hi David,
> David Kalnischkies wrote:
> > This approach makes mistakes for granted and isn't optimal in all cases,
> > but given that the consequences can be a lot worser if a essential is
> > missing than they can be if a transition package is still installed
> > (which is more or less the only time people really see/complain about it)
> > i don't really see why it should be changed. And so far nobody else
> > could provide a good reason… so i don't change what isn't broken. ;)
> Thanks for this nice explanation!  I'm marking the bug as "wontfix" so
> the explanation can be better known (and to get the bug off my radar).
> Maybe some day someone will put just the right words in some manpage to
> even allow the bug to be closed. ;-)

I disagree about the wontfix. You need to look at all the other merged
bugs, in particular bug 282278, which is about a confusing warning

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