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Bug#614259: apt-utils: hash changes

Package: apt-utils
Version: 0.8.10
Severity: normal


currently apt-ftparchive (well, apt and whatever else, including the
python lib of it) knows MD5, SHA1, SHA256.
MD5 is not the most wanted hashing algorithmus anymore and so FTPMaster
just dropped its usage. We also intend to drop SHA256.

We would like to add SHA512 to the Release files, so it would be nice if
you can make that available (and allow its usage via the python api). We
then will end up with SHA1 and SHA512 only in our usage. (The sooner,
the better :) ).

(We should see if we can have it pass via the squeeze-updates suite,
that is, if you can have it patched into the squeeze code too)


bye, Joerg
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