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Bug#612958: apt and dpkg configured separately for multiarch?

Package: apt
Severity: important

Hi there,

Currently, apt's support for multiarch requires users to manually set
APT::Architectures in apt.conf to tell apt which architectures are allowed.
But dpkg also needs to know what architectures are allowed, and the
in-progress multiarch dpkg requires this to be specified with a
--foreign-architecture option (typically set in dpkg.cfg).

Since 'dpkg -i' and 'apt-get install' should both have the same view of the
world, I think apt should be pulling this information from dpkg - which it
can do with 'dpkg --print-foreign-architectures'.  (This command will
obviously fail on pre-multiarch dpkg, in which case no extra architectures
should be enabled.)

I guess it should still be allowed to override the architecture list through
the apt config, but that this should not be the default means of configuring
multiarch to ensure consistency between dpkg and apt.

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