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Re: Need feedback on dpkg's behaviour with multiarch packages

Hi David,

thanks for your answer.

On Tue, 01 Feb 2011, David Kalnischkies wrote:
> If we would go for a 'what the user meant was foo:installed-arch' we
> would need to choose for 'same' libraries or removing both which is
> kind of awkward if your install request was 'apt-get install libsame'
> 5 minutes ago and now you need to get right of the package with
> 'apt-get remove libsame:amd64' because libsame:i386 is installed
> for ages now on your computer because of foo:i386.

Good point.

> So, all in all, i would vote for no arch = native - simply because you have
> similar problems not only for remove and purge but for example also
> on --configure libsame after an unpack request for :i386 and :amd64
> was done. Which one do you want to configure now:
> - both (in which order?)
> - the native one (:amd64)
> - fail as not specific enough

I don't see why this case is more problematic/different than --remove?

> Does this change if the :amd64 one is already configured?
> - (assume :amd64 as :native) fail as already configured
> - choose :i386 (as :amd64 as native is already) and configure it
> - choose both, ignore :amd64 and configure :i386
> - choose both, fail :amd64 as already configured (and maybe configure i386)
> - fail as not specific enough

So your point is that the matching logic could also be different
for --configure if we want to apply a "Do What I Mean" logic everywhere.


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