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Bug#598432: python-apt: upgrade fails

>> Stefan Fleischmann wrote:
>> > Change the 3rd line in the file '/usr/share/pyshared-data/python-apt' to
>> > "python-version = 2.6, 3.1, 2.5"
>> That doesn't work for me. [...]
>If I read Stefan's message further:
>> Then you're able to remove the package or replace it with version
>> from testing.
>That does work.

Having only the 2.X versions in '/usr/share/pyshared-data/python-apt'
(I've removed the 3 or whatever begin with 3) allowed me to run 'dpkg
-P --force-all python-apt' successfully.
After that I've installed the python-apt from testing and the error is gone.

btw, debian/unstable here, amd64

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