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Bug#594689: Still broken?

> -o APT::AutoRemove::RecommendsImportant=0
> but remember that the installation of recommend packages is
> recommend (SCNR) as policy defines it as packages which are
> installed on all but non-default systems. So it is not unlikely
> that you will loose functionality by removing "only" recommends…

Thanks, that was basically just what I needed; I went through all
packages that the forced autoremove wanted to remove (cancelling it),
explicitely installed those that I wanted to keep, then
force-autoremoved the rest. (Which freed more than 1 GB of storage on
this small machine; BTW I'm usually using apt-get not aptitude to
install packages (although I've used aptitude for the dist-upgrade
from lenny to lenny to testing), so the number of packages to go
through was smaller than it might have been.)

I suggest to document this flag, along with your warning. (I could
write a patch, but I'm sure it would take me much longer than someone
doing it when fits, and it may not be perfect then anyway. Or I could
open a wishlist bug, tell me if I should do so.)


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