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Re: Re: Bug#592900: Updating system-config-printer

Hi David,
On Mon, Sep 06, 2010 at 10:54:11PM +0200, David Kalnischkies wrote:
> You will (maybe) see a bunch of lines looking like this one:
> Broken python-cupshelpers:amd64 Stört on python-cupsutils [ amd64 ] <
> 1.0.0-6 > ( python ) (< 1.2.3)
>   Considering python-cupsutils:amd64 2 as a solution to
> python-cupshelpers:amd64 1
>   Holding Back python-cupshelpers:amd64 rather than change
> python-cupsutils:amd64
> Thats the key part of the problem resolving:
> Packages want python-cupshelpers and python-cupsutils installed,
> but in their candidate version they can't co-exist on the system
> so APT needs to decide which package is more important than the other.
> You can see this decision in line 2: the score is 2 vs. 1 in this case.
> As you can see here, python-cupsutils seems to be more important (2)
> than python-cupshelpers (1) and therefore APT will retreat from upgrading
> so it can keep both packages and everybody (expect you in this case)
> is happy as nothing is broken.
Many thanks for the explanation! That helped a lot to track down the
problem. Removing the Breaks and Replaces python-cupsutils from
python-cupshelpers lets the upgrade work for me as expected: 

The following packages will be REMOVED:
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  cups-pk-helper python-cupshelpers system-config-printer-udev
The following packages will be upgraded:

Since we don't have any file conflicts we simply let the autoremove
handle the removal of python-cupsutils. Would this be an acceptable
solution? If so I'd be happy to upload a new version.
 -- Guido

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