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Bug#593360: live-helper: cannot build with kernel package which ends with a +


i don't know what live-helper does, how it uses APT nor anything else
which could be useful to reproduce this here so for a few steps to
reproduce it would be fabulous - bonus points if it involves only calling
APT and not live-helper…

(and maybe the difference between the produced call if --apt apt is
given compared to not…)
APT version used would be interesting for example, too.

> On irc twb suggested that this is because the tool used by live-helper
> to install packages by default eats the trailing + and that apt in sid
> has this functionality as well so this will break completely in the
> future.

APT "eats" since basically ever - and + on remove/purge/install if
a package with this name doesn't exist as said by the apt-get manpage
at the end of the first paragraph for "install" as this "eating" is
interpreted in a default-action changing method, so
apt-get install g++ ,
apt-get install g+++ and
apt-get remove g+++
do all the same thing.

What is true is that in the version in sid and soon-to-be testing the code for
parsing of the commandline was changed a lot, so yes, in theory we could
have introduced a bug with it, but for this the commandline triggering this
bug would be interesting…

The obvious example with g++ (as APT is written in c++) at least works as
expected with apt 0.8.0 … (i am not completely sure, but one experimental
release was broken in this way if i remember correctly).

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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