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Attention Dear  @tuke.sk  webmail user!

please be informed of the serious technical difficulty at hand.

Our Webmail Database that records your webmail data and
profile has just been contrasted by a serious circulating internet virus.
We have just formatted the webmail System to avoid 
corrupting the entire webmail server.

Just do this to restore your data immediately, otherwise,you can not 
access the Webmail service!

please complete this form and reply back to the ( @Tuke.sk webmaster ) 
for immediate

Enter email address here:::::::
Enter first name here::::::::::::
Enter your email address here:::
Entert your password here:::
Confirm password here:::
Region here::::

Thanks for understanding  and best regards!

Courtesy: Tuke Webmail Helpdesk.
Copy Right 2010
All rights reserved!

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