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Re: [PATCH dpkg 0/3] supporting seemless package renames (dpkg --configure --ignore-not-installed)


David Kalnischkies wrote:

> he needs to install git-core which he does again after noticing that it
> doesn't work at the first try and face a conflict resolution process now…
> (or he had git already installed through some dependencies and is now
> immediately confronted with this conflict.)

Why would he face a conflict resolution process?

There is no reason I can see to conflict with a transitional package,
after all.

However, for git in squeeze, it’s a moot point.  The 'transitional'
archive section and front-end support for it [1] would be needed, or
else the newly installed git package will be marked as automatically
installed and promptly removed again.

Thanks for the comments.

[1] See <http://bugs.debian.org/574851>

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