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Bug#565213: apt-listbugs: can't install because it's not installed

tags 565213 + patch

Patch should include:
+  * apt-pkg/contrib/fileutl.cc:
+    - Fix the newly introduced method GetListOfFilesInDir to not
+      accept every file if no extension is enforced
+      (= restore old behavior). (Closes: #565213)
+  * apt-pkg/policy.cc:
+    - accept also partfiles with "pref" file extension as valid
+  * apt-pkg/contrib/configuration.cc:
+    - accept also partfiles with "conf" file extension as valid
+  * doc/apt.conf.5.xml:
+    - reorder description and split out syntax
+    - add partfile name convention (Closes: #558348)
+  * doc/apt_preferences.conf.5.xml:
+    - describe partfile name convention also here

(It also includes a small test-app, but this will be not included
in next upload as it "depends" on a few other things, but
beside that it should apply fine to current debian-sid)

It would be good if someone could have a look at the patch,
especially at the manpage changes, as it is as always:
I understand it as i know what i wrote and how it works,
but your mileage may vary...

2010/1/16 Francesco Poli <frx@firenze.linux.it>:
> As explained in my message
> http://bugs.debian.org/565213#37
> I disagree.
Yes, make sense - and in the end: It is your package,
so you can do what you want. ;)

I didn't know how apt-listbugs behaves so i (wrongly) suspect
that it has always some kind of output, so a user could
very easy detect if something went wrong.
Through i guess you have bigger problems if your applications
"magically" loose their execution flag than a silent listbugs. ;)
(Maybe include the silent option as a comment for "experts")

The problem with the rename (beside the untested dpkg thing) is
that it is undefined behavior. Just for comparison, the problem here
introduced more or less by accident is since ever present in cupt
and also in apt2 (the "vala opponent", not the next apt version...) -
properly also in various other apt-(re)implementations...
Also: What about implementations who want to warn about ignored files?
(Which one is ignored for good and which one is a human mistake?)

A quick & untested idea: Instead of renaming the file how about
another config file which reverts the config file:

DPkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs::apt-listbugs "/usr/sbin/apt-listbugs apt || exit 10";
AptListbugs::Option1 "value1";
AptListbugs::Option2 "value2";

DPkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs::apt-listbugs "";
#clear AptListbugs;

? (at least, this should be valid according to the "spec" apt.conf.5 )

The other idea is simply to define the *.disable meaning
(if dpkg has nothing against it) and ask the others to support it...

But Feel free to move this discussion to deity@ directly,
the bugreport itself is more and more the wrong place for it, i guess.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

David "DonKult" Kalnischkies

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