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Bug#561636: several paragraphs english (not translated) in /usr/share/man/de/man8/apt-cache.8.gz

Quoting Michael Schmitt (tcwardrobe@gmail.com):
> Package: apt
> Version: 0.7.25
> Severity: minor
> Hi,
> I did find two not translated paragraphs at a first glimpse. May be intentional
> as the translater ran out of time or a little bit carelessness.
> Either way better reported than forgotten.

This is a feature, not a bug.

Recent tools used for manpages translations allow for incomplete
translations to be used. Translated parts are shown in the translated
language while parts that haven't been completed are replaced by their
counterparts in English.

With large documents such as manpages, that allows for "quite
complete" translations without losing any content.

There is a threshold where the translation is not used at all. This
threshold is set to 80% but the German translation (assuming you're
talking about this one) is above it.

Actually, there could be something in the language-specific addendum
that mentions "This translated document may contain untranslated
parts. This is done on purpose, to avoid losing content when the
translation is lagging behind the original content."

So, instead of closing that bug, I propose turning it into a
suggestion to translators (including /me for the French translation)
to add such warning in the language-specific addendum.

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