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Bug#550564: apt: APT::Acquire::Translation not listed in the manpage

tags 550564 - patch

Hello Sven,

first of all: Thanks for your bugreport & the patch!

> I've attached a minimal patch that would add it to the
> list. Though I'm unsure if it's ok to add it as "Acquire::Translation"
> because so far there seems to be no sub group for APT::Acquire.
Unfortunately this option is not a boolean (true/false, yes/no, whatever)
option, so your patch is wrong on this and therefore i removed the patch
tag - but again thanks for trying: patches helping alot in bug triaging. :)
And APT has unfortunately a lot of un(der)documented features...

This option can be used to define which languagecode apt will
try to download for the Translations.
The default value is "environment" which let apt at runtime choose a
languagecode from LC_MESSAGES, for me here with
it will use "de" - and will try to download Translation-de from the archives.
Your "false" setting forces apt to try to download Translation-false --
which doesn't exist, so it has maybe the desired effect, but true will
also not work (or not in a way someone could expect)...

This should be documented, yes, but the APT team intend to deprecate
this configuration-option in favor of a new and more general setting
to support also multiply Translation downloads which seems to be needed
to get the ball rolling in the "Removing long desc from Package files" [0]
again - but as this change is an abi-break (best would be also an api-break)
the APT team wants to collect a few of these breakers before breaking
unstable for a few days... reasonable, doesn't it?

( As this feature hasn't a associated bugreport currently i will let this
bug open for now and treat it as the associated bugreport. )

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

David "DonKult" Kalnischkies

[0] Start: http://lists.debian.org/deity/2009/08/msg00073.html
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