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Bug#545059: apt: Typos found while translating manpages

> "automatical"
> "Neighter" -> Neither (and missing sentence dot before).
ACK. Will be fixed. Thanks for the report!
I hope we can find a few more of these bugs with po4a now. :)

> (and double space....there are many of these)
Very strange. They are not in the original man page -
only in the po4a generated pot and po files.
The spaces seems to be triggered by the line breaks and
the intend used in the xml-files. If i write the complete
paragraph in one line the double spaces are gone.
(it is not bind to spaces for intend - it also happens if tabs are used)

So i am a bit bold now and CC'ed Nicolas François to this bug.
Maybe the po4a master can help us with this issue. ;)

Note that this is not an apt-only issue:
A quick look into the aptitude.pot shows also many double spaces
(which are happily ignored by the translators).

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

David "DonKult" Kalnischkies

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