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From Mrs Florence Wilson ( God Have Chosen You For This )

My dear respected One,

I have to write you this few words, as presently I do not have a choice but to 
be a blessing to you and to the poor in other countries as I have always 

It's with tears and pains that I write this mail from my sick bed in the 
hospital. I believe you have never met such a condition before.I'm sorry to 
bother you with my pains and vision for the poor. But I can't keep quiet 
because I have a strong feelings I'm going to die soon through this cancer 
diseases as indicated by my doctor three days ago.I have been a widow since 
the past two years, but before my husband died we both had a vision for the 
poor to be a blessing to them.

After my husband's death, I tried to fulfill this vision we had together but 
it did not work out well as I wished because I have tried several times giving 
out money to people, family members and organization for the well being of the 
poor here and in other countries but I found out that they never used it for 
the poor as I planned, rather they end up using it for their own personal 
use.This has caused me great pains in my heart and health.I don't know if I 
can TRUST you as I have been praying over this issue for the past one month, 
to entrust this huge amount of money or funds in your hands for the welfare of 
the poor and other rightful charity homes which you know.But if for any reason 
you find my mail offensive, you can ignore it and please accept my apology.

If you assure me that you can be TRUSTED in this matter, that you will not act 
like the other people and organization whom I gave money and they failed me, 
then I will link you to the bank where this funds has been lodged by my late 
husband, to effect wire transfer of the funds to you as my relative in other 
to carry out this great vision on my behalf.I hope you won't disappoint me now 
and even after my death concerning this vision I'm handing over to you?

Kindly indicate your interest to my mail, to enable me give you directions of 
how you contact the bank to effect wire transfer of this funds to you and also 
to enable you start this project.Have in mind that the amount am transferring 
its beneficiary right to you is US$7.5M with its 2yrs interest of 
US$750.000.00 making it total of US$8.250M.Once more, I want you to assure me 
that you can handle this vision which am entrusting in your hands, as soon as 
this funds is been transferred to you, so that when I die my soul will rest in 
peace.Please not just assuring me to trust you but also to assure me that you 
will move on with this fund transfer processing with the bank here with every 
urgency and confidentiality until you confirm it in your account.

Have a nice day as I look forward to hear from you immediately.

Yours Sister in Christ,

Mrs.Florence Wilson 

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