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Bug#515000: apt: Single-package-per-line output

On February 12, 2009 12:54:21 Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 11:00:43AM -0500, Tim Gokcen wrote:
> > I prefer to use the command-line interface to upgrade my packages, using
> > "apt-get dist-upgrade". I find that the lists of packages to be
> > installed/removed/upgraded hard to read given that they are formatted
> > with multiple names per line.
> [...]
> > screen, I find this list almost impossible to read. I would like it if
> > apt had a configuration or command-line option, like the 'ls -1' command,
> > to show such lists on a one-item-per-line basis.
> You could use the -V option. With this option, the versions of the packages
> are shown and each package on one line.

I didn't realize that -V caused the output to be one-per line; that switch is 
quite an improvement, thanks.

Might it be a good idea to mention in the man page for apt-get that package 
name output will be one-per-line when using -V / APT::Get::Show-Versions?

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