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Re: URLs of installed packages

Hello Eugene,

Eugene V. Lyubimkin schrieb am Thu 05. Feb, 20:23 (+0200):
> Jörg Sommer wrote:
> >> You ought to find original .deb for package and install it / fetch the file
> >> manually then. 'apt-cache policy' will tell you about all versions of package
> >> apt knows of.
> > 
> > Yes, all versions, but how do I get an URL? policy doesn't give a full
> > URL. I want something which I can pass to curl to get the package. Or use
> > apt to download the package (but not install it).
> You can try 'aptitude download package[=version]'.

Do I guess right that it's not possible with apt?

> > No, apt should fail in the case it has to remove more packages than
> > given at the command line. The tool deborphan finds packages they
> > aren't needed. But it might get some things wrong and suggest packages
> > they are needed. Then the call “apt-get remove $(deborphan)” should fail.
> Ah, understood. Yes, such an option would be useful :)

Should I send a whishlist bug report?

Bye, Jörg.
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