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Bug#119544: (no subject)

Hello Etienne.

Etienne Goyer wrote:
> I would be very interested in getting the topic of this bug implemented
> eventually.  As discussed in Debian #509369 and Ubuntu #291748, the
> current behavior of retrying forever downloads that failed could lead to
> some really bad results under some circumstances (ie, misbehaving
> proxies, etc).  Having APT::Acquire::Retries apply to index files would
> at least allow a way to prevent these failure mode from getting out of hand.
> Is there any plan to bump the ABI some time in the future?
Yes, after Lenny, at 0.8.x apt series.

> If yes, can this bug be consider for a fix at that point?
I guess 'yes'.

Eugene V. Lyubimkin aka JackYF, JID: jackyf.devel(maildog)gmail.com
Ukrainian C++ developer, Debian Maintainer, APT contributor

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