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Bug#444244: please default to epiphany-gecko

Le dimanche 23 novembre 2008 à 15:51 +0000, Steve Cotton a écrit :
> I'm browsing through old Apt bugs, and can't see what Apt is doing
> wrong here.  Please would you expand the description saying why
> Apt shouldn't install epiphany-webkit?

Upgrading epiphany-gecko from 2.n to 2.(n+2) always breaks
epiphany-extensions. This results in the following:
      * If running apt-get upgrade, epiphany-gecko and epiphany-browser
        are held back. This is expected.
      * If running apt-get dist-upgrade, epiphany-extensions is removed
        (this is expected) and by doing that, epiphany-gecko could be
        upgraded. Instead, APT chose in this case to remove
        epiphany-gecko and install epiphany-webkit instead.

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