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Bug#292345: what related tools to list in apt-get man page?

Andre Felipe Machado <andremachado@techforce.com.br> writes:

> Version: 0.7.16
> Hello,
> Currently, there are a wide array of APT related tools in the
> repository.
> apt-build, apt-cacher, apt-cross, apt-doc, apt-dpkg-ref, aptfs,
> apticron, aptitude, aptlinex, apt-listbugs, apt-listchanges, apt-mirror,
> apt-move, aptoncd, apt-p2p, apt-proxy, apt-rdepends, apt-rpm-repository,
> aptsh, apt-show-source, apt-show-versions, apt-spy, apt-src,
> apt-transport-debtorrent, apt-transport-https, apt-utils, apt-watch,
> apt-watch-gnome, apt-zip, ara, ara-byte, auto-apt, debarchiver, debaux,
> debdelta, debfoster, debget, debian-goodies, deborphan, debtorrent,
> dput, dselect, ept-cache, gdebi, gnome-apt, gui-apt-key, apt-key,
> jablicator, kio-apt, netselect-apt, synaptic, update-manager,
> update-notifier, 
> Should we list all of them?
> What to exclude?
> What is the criteria?

>From my POV I think we shouldn't list them since it'll always be
outdated. Michael? Daniel? 

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