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Bug#498799: +1, any chance for Lenny?

Quoting Ferenc Wagner (wferi@niif.hu):

> Oh no, Michael Vogt did, it's in the BTS.  It's just I didn't get a
> personal notification, so it went unnoticed for quite some time.

Yep, missed that, too.

> > Sad, but that's how APT maintenance is done right now.
> Is there any particular reason for that?  APT is installed on every
> single Debian system...  Is it the responsibility?  Or rather the
> complexity?  Just curious.

Well, as usual: "because noone cares enough", or rather "because those
who care also care about a lot of other stuff"....which is certainly a
better reward to the work done by those who currently care about apt
and do their best to keep it in shape.

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