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Bug#463260: apt-utils: apt-ftparchive caches hashes too aggressively?

My apt repository suffers from this bug too. It is very annoying to manually blow away the cache db's and have them rebuild after an upload overwrites and existing file.

I took a look at ftparchive/cachedb.cc in apt (the sarge version that is purported to work correctly), 0.5.4 (an intermediate version between sarge and etch) and (the current etch version). Without having any particular C skills, it is not apparent to me why the overwritten packages files are not having their sizes/timestamps recached.

using "db4.4_dump -p whatever.db", I am able to see the plaintext package control data in the berkely db. According to cachedb.cc, the :st keys contain the filesize and timestamps. They are not human readable however and I can't get apt-ftparchive to give verbose output on manual invocation so I cannot debug further.


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