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interactivity of apt-get remove


why does "apt-get remove xfig" ask if it is OK to remove xfig while
"apt-get install xfig" does not?

With "apt-get install" it does not ask if the only change is in the
packages specified on the command line. If anything else needs to be
done (like also installing dependencies) the user is queried.

I noticed this because the deborphan maintainer asked me why orphaner
uses "apt-get --assume-yes remove". Without --assume-yes apt-get
always asks. But with --assume yes apt-get will happily remove
depending packages as well. Due to some bug in orphaner that case
happens and it would be nice to get apt-get to ask for permission in
such a case but not when only commandline arguments are touched.

So please make apt-get remove use the same logic as apt-get install
when interacting with the user or provide a --assume-safe-yes option.


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