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Re: Bug#468075: this bug/#468075 - sudo: system freeze

Hi Apt team, do you know anything about what can cause this ?

Benoît, what kernel version?

sudo aptitude safe-upgrade causes X11 to freeze for 5-10 seconds.
This seems to happen when the most recent upgrade attempt was
forcibly-aborted (by a signal).  It never used to happen for me with
dist-upgrade, but after aborting a safe-upgrade, dist-upgrade is now
also affected.

It seems to be due to the lockfiles /var/lock/aptitude and
/var/lib/dpkg/lock.  Unfortunately the problem doesn't occur under

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 07:18:24PM +0000, Benoît Dejean wrote:
> Le mardi 18 mars 2008 à 14:05 -0400, Justin Pryzby a écrit :
> > #468075 - sudo: system freeze
> > http://bugs.debian.org./468075
> > 
> > Oops, I'm awfully sorry, but I didn't actually run the command you
> > gave.  When I did, I was immediately able to reproduce the problem.
> > Bdale, have you tried safe-upgrade under sudo under X?
> Hello Justin, you are totally right about X.
> Whenever i run sudo aptitude safe-upgrade (or some other commands) over
> ssh, it freezes X and graphical processes, where the ssh output is OK (%
> updates nicely).
> > I suspect this is not a sudo bug, but an apt one.  I know apt now
> > ignores signals (including STOP) during dpkg runs.  It's really
> > unclear to me how it causes the system to become unresponsive, though.
> > I note that ping from another host shows no dropped packets and no
> > added delay, so it's not really frozen.  Perhaps it's just the x11
> > interface?  Why I don't know.

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